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Campaign performance: tracking your click-through rate

Whether you are sending marketing or transactional SMS, it’s often useful to know how many recipients clicked through to your website, or any other link that you added to your text message. Text Anywhere offers advanced SMS Link Analytics through a subscription service, from as little as £10 per month. You’ll find this in your platform’s Online Shop.

Once you have subscribed to this service, you will see a new option in your ‘Send SMS’ window called ‘Add SMS Link Analytics’:

When you click on this, you’ll be offered two ways of shortening your website link (your URL); it’s important to shorten it, because a really long URL is both unattractive for the recipient, and uses up lots of characters.

If you are using the same URL for all recipients – i.e. a link to your website – and simply want to track each recipient’s responsiveness to your campaign, choose ‘Use a single URL address but generate a unique shortened URL for each contact’.

If you are using a different URL for each contact, for example a parcel tracking link, you’ll upload this along with your Contact list, and should choose the option to ‘Use different URL addresses for all of the contacts’.

After you have sent your message, you’ll see the following screen within SMS Campaigns; the campaign with ‘Rich SMS’ is the one where SMS Link Analytics were used. Now you can see how the campaign performed by clicking on Detail, and then on ‘Detail’ from the drop down menu.

Within this you’ll see exactly which of your recipients clicked on your link, how often, and when.

If you click on SMS Link Analytics Statistics (below ‘Detail’ in the drop down menu), you’ll get the overview of what devices were used when the link was clicked, and you’ll also be able to see charts showing you all of the click statistics.

If you need any help with this service, either subscribing or using it, contact us; we’re here to help!