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Advanced sending options

Our platform offers the possibility of making two special send types: PERIODIC SENDING and RECURRING SENDING . These two advanced features allow you to set up the automatic sending of an SMS by determining the frequency and recurrence or on the basis of the inserted date field.


This advanced feature allows you to set the automatic sending of an SMS based on a specific frequency: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Once the frequency has been selected, it will also be possible to select the day and time to start sending the SMS, as well as the number of repetitions desired.

send periodic sms

By clicking on SEND the automatic sending will be confirmed. Once saved it will still be possible to ‘Modify‘ or ‘Delete‘ the periodic sending.

Warning: When sending periodically, make sure you have a sufficient number of credits before each campaign. Otherwise the system could send SMS to a partial number of the selected contacts, or not send the SMS at all.


By selecting this type of sending it is possible to set the automatic sending of an SMS based on a specific ‘Date‘ within the personal fields of contacts. For example, by selecting ‘Date of Birth‘, it will be possible to send birthday greetings to selected contacts, with their date of birth saved within the system.

send anniversary sms

By clicking on the Dynamic field‘ it is possible to set the dynamic date field that you want to use for the special sending and you can also set the sending time (on the specified date). If you want the SMS to be sent a certain number of days before or after the actual date, simply specify the number of days and select the ‘Prepone / Postpone‘ option. You can also set to “0” on the number of days to send on the actual date.

By clicking on ‘SEND‘ automatic sending will be confirmed, however contacts present without the specified date field present, will not receive the SMS . Again, once saved, it will be possible to ‘Modify‘ or ‘Delete‘ the recurring sending.

Warning: When sending SMS messages via the Recurring option, be careful to always have a sufficient number of credits, otherwise the system may not send the SMS.