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Automatic Renewals

Automatic Renewals are ONLY activated for subscription services (e.g. Virtual mobile number and Shortcodes) that are paid for via a credit card.

Once any type of Virtual mobile number and Shortcodes subscription is activated on the platform and paid by credit card, it will be registered. The subscription will then be automatically renewed upon expiration depending on the duration of the subscription initially subscribed (e.g. if you purchased a 3-month Virtual mobile number subscription with a credit card, this will be renewed every quarter).

It is possible to deactivate the recurring payment at any time by accessing the Platform, clicking on your account at the top right and selecting the Billing page. From the Manage Subscriptions tab it is possible to cancel the automatic renewal. Furthermore, from the Payment Method tab, it is possible to delete any payment method registered on the Platform.

* If you have any doubts about Automatic Renewals, you can contact Customer Care by emailing us.