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What is the email to SMS service?

Our Email to SMS service allows you to send SMS direct from your email account. It is compatible with any application with email functionality (monitoring system, database, websites) and does not require any additional software. As easy as sending an email! What’s more, you can also set the receipt of SMS on your mailbox via the SMS gateway.

How can the service be used?

Receive replies direct to your email inbox

Email to SMS is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, professionals and organisations who need to convey messages to SMS via email and receive SMS replies directly to their email inbox. This means employees only have one system to monitor and it makes it easy to ensure that once received, replies are responded to efficiently.

Extend corporate governance policy

The Email to SMS service can be used from any email mailbox, so long as it has been enabled for the service in the Mediaburst Reserved Area. So companies can use Email to SMS to extend their corporate governance policy, safeguarding the swift delivery of critical, time sensitive information.

How does the email to SMS service work?

Indicate appropriate email address

To send SMS from email, you must indicate the email address to be used for sending. To configure it go to Account> My Account> Mail2SMS.

You can add as many email addresses as you require.

SMS recipient : use the To or CC field

The recipient of the SMS must be entered in the “To” or “CC” field using the following format: MOBILENUMBER@m2s.mediaburst.co.uk

Multiple recipients / Mass sending

You can send an SMS to multiple recipients simultaneously, just add the email address for each additional recipient in the “CC” field, with the standard format: MOBILENUMBER@m2s.mediaburst.co.uk

To send an SMS to a group saved on Account> Contacts> Groups use the GROUPNAME@m2s.mediaburst.co.uk format to be entered in the “To” or “CC” field.