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By clicking at the top right (on the Account cog icon) and then Billing, you can access the area dedicated to billing and the management of subscriptions and payments.

Invoices / Orders

In the Invoices / Orders section, all the orders created by the user are displayed – both those not confirmed (not completed by the user or not successful) and those confirmed. By clicking on the order number, you can access the description of the contents of the order.

For each successful purchase (via credit card or bank transfer), an electronic invoice will be generated. A copy of the same invoice in PDF format will also be sent by email. All invoices will be visible and downloadable at any time from this section after two working days from the order fulfilment date. For more information on electronic invoicing, you can read the specific guide page.

Billing information

In this section you can update your billing information at any time (including the email address to which the system will automatically send the invoice once issued).

Under customer it is possible to set the type of billing to be obtained, choosing between Company, Private and Public Administration.

NB In the case of Public Administration it is possible to specify:

  • PA unique code: that is, the alpha-numeric code that uniquely identifies the public body or an office of the same, and which is used for electronic invoicing
  • Split Payment: to be ticked in the event that the payment of VAT by the public administration has to be split.

Subscription management

The SMS Receipt subscriptions for which you have turned on auto-renewal are displayed here. It is possible at any time to cancel the automatic renewal of active subscription services from here.

Payment method

From this page it is possible to manage the credit card data saved by default. The card is saved when the first credit card purchase is made through Stripe. From here you can manage and delete your card data.